Attempt at grunting & bowering Bootstrap 3 + Shopify 2 (using Shopify Skeleton Theme as base). Attempt at using LucidDesign's Bootstrapify for my boilerplate.
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It's a work in-progress so don't use this on your live site or clients work.


theme.liquid markup

  • layout

Liquid snippets

  • customer folder?
  • Tons and tons


  • Multiple currencies. Implemented here.
  • Google/custom fonts
  • Multilingual support (Google Translate?)

First time setup

  1. Run bower install bootstrap && bower install shopify-skeleton-theme && bower install shopify-jquery-currencies
  2. Run npm install

For better workflow, best to setup your shopify_theme gem required file - config.yml inside theme folder: shopify_theme github repo

Essentially you want to run theme watch inside theme folder so any changes you made in source/shopify-skeleton-theme will be sync into your theme folder.

  1. Run grunt


Everytime you come back to the project, run these:

  1. grunt watch
  2. cd theme then theme watch (remember to setup your config.yml first)
  3. Start creating and building your themes for Shopify!