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Earth Frequencies

This is a collection of machine parasable data files, intended for use in an amateur context, that describe radio frequency allocations and channels.

Currently this is an experiment into how best the data can be represented for use in applications. For example, for SDR applications that can select an appropriate data representation, loading the appropiate module, based on what it 'knows' should be in the frequency it is scanning.

This should NOT be considered a primary source for this information and you should not assume the data here is 100% correct (data quality is always a challenge). You should always check official sources for accurate data about allocation and usage requirements.

Also remember, that any radio transmission requires an appropriate license and in all cases you should be aware of local regulation of the air waves.

If you find errors, please open a bug report in the project's issue tracker, or provide a pull-request with the fix.

Contributions are welcome and are appreciated.

Earth Frequencies Viewer

Given this project is focusing purely on the data, the viewer that was once part of this project has been moved out to its own project: