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Elevation API, running on Google App Engine. An instance is running at with full documentation. I wrote a bit about the process of developing the API on my blog.

Getting the data

The data is the ETOPO1 dataset from NOAA. It's too big for git, but you can download it from NOAA. I'm using the ice surface, grid registered, 2-byte integer dataset.

The data is also too big for Google App Engine, so it needs to be split into 30MB parts:

split -b 30000000 -d  data/etopo1_ice_g_i2.bin  data/etopo1_ice_g_i2

then renamed like etopo1_ice_g_i2.bin.XX.

Running locally

The gcloud command doesn't include the App Engine development server, but it's included in the source. If you have the Google Cloud SDK installed in /opt/google-cloud-sdk, the API can be started with:

python /opt/google-cloud-sdk/platform/google_appengine/ ./app.yaml
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