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@ajoberstar ajoberstar tagged this Nov 5, 2016 · 24 commits to master since this tag

- Corrected up-to-date check for publishGhPages
- Fix STAGE_FLOAT to check if normal changed
- Don't fail build if not in git repo
- Merge pull request #213 from siordache/issue-196-reopened
- minor refactoring
- github-pages: fix patterns used for removing files
- https sonar
- sonar fixes
- fix sonar issues
- update editorconfig
- travis caching
- consistent whitespace
- Use jdk 8 to build, still with jdk7 compat
- Merge pull request #195 from mojavelinux/issue-194
- Merge pull request #198 from mojavelinux/issue-189
- Merge pull request #199 from guenhter/master
- Add logging output when RebuildVersionStrategy is used
- resolves #194 move commit to doLast of prepareGhPages
- resolves #189 reuse existing clone if available
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