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A set of plugins supporting interaction with Git within Gradle.

The primary use cases are:

  • General Git actions. The plugin JAR depends on, and makes available, grgit which provides a Groovy API for interacting with Git repositories.
  • Publishing to a Github Pages website. The org.ajoberstar.github-pages plugin adds support for publishing files to the gh-pages branch of a Git repository.
  • Managing your release process:
    • org.ajoberstar.release-base provides a general structure for generating a project version from the state of your project and/or the Git repository it resides in.
    • org.ajoberstar.release-opinion adds an opinionated set of defaults on top of the base plugin that comply with Semantic Versioning.

Depending on Gradle-Git

Classic Plugin Dependency

buildscript {
  repositories {
    // jcenter()
  dependencies {
    classpath 'org.ajoberstar:gradle-git:<version>'

Plugin Block Dependency

NOTE: Requires Gradle 2.1 or later.

Pick and choose based on the plugins you want to use.

plugins {
  id 'org.ajoberstar.grgit' version '<version>'

  id 'org.ajoberstar.github-pages' version '<version>'

  // only one of the following
  id 'org.ajoberstar.release-opinion' version '<version>'
  id 'org.ajoberstar.release-base' version '<version>'



Katharsis Vertx

Katharsis Vertx uses gradle-git plugin to manage releases and publish versions to Bintray Maven repository (via bintray gradle plugin)

You can find example of a working configuration.

Release Notes

See Release Notes

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