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Github Pages Plugin

Andrew Oberstar edited this page Jun 5, 2016 · 1 revision

For publishing to a Github Pages site, apply the org.ajoberstar.github-pages plugin.

Plugins Block Dependency

plugins {
  id: 'org.ajoberstar.github-pages' version: '<version>'

Classic Plugin Dependency

apply plugin: 'org.ajoberstar.github-pages'


githubPages {
  repoUri = '' // defaults to this project's origin URI
  targetBranch = 'some-branch' // defaults to gh-pages  
  pages {
    from javadoc
    // by default this will copy into the root of the gh-pages branch and delete any previous files
    // customizing the destination will only delete files within that target dir
    into "docs/${version}"

The plugin adds a single publishGhPages task that will clone the repository, copy in the files in the pages CopySpec, add all of the changes, commit, and push back to the remote.

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