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UNMAINTAINED: Plugins for the Gradle build tool.
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COPYING Adding maintainer status. Sep 28, 2014


Maintainer Status

A set of plugins for the Gradle build tool. They are available through Maven Central.

The existing plugins are:

  • Findbugs
  • JDepend
  • PMD

v0.1.1 was tested against 1.0-milestone-3

These have been contributed to Gradle and will be included in the 1.0-milestone-8 release. They will no longer be supported through this project, though I may add other plugins at some point.

Adding the Plugins

Add the following block to your build to use the gradle-plugins JAR.

buildscript {
    repositories { mavenCentral() }
    dependencies { classpath group:'org.ajoberstar', name:'gradle-plugins', version:'0.1.1' }

Using the Plugins

All 3 plugins require the tools to be included in their respective configurations.

apply plugin: 'findbugs'
apply plugin: 'jdepend'
apply plugin: 'pmd'

convention.plugins.pmd.rulesets 'rulesets/basic.xml', 'rulesets/other.xml'

dependencies {
    findbugs group:'', name:'findbugs', version:'1.3.9'
    findbugs group:'', name:'findbugs-ant', version:'1.3.9'

    pmd group:'pmd', name:'pmd', version:'4.2.5'    

    jdepend group:'jdepend', name:'jdepend', version:'2.9.1'
    jdepend group:'org.apache.ant', name:'ant-jdepend', version:'1.7.1' 

Each plugin generates a task per source set dependent on the check task.

Release Notes


  • Initial release.


  • Improved up to date checking.
  • Defaulting PMD plugin to look for configuration in config/pmd/rulesets.xml.
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