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HTML5 local app for managing your todo.txt file
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A simple HTML5 app (optimized for Chrome) to manage your todo.txt file.

Design was created by Reed Fulghum and inspired by Sublime Text.

todo.txt-html5 uses Gina Trapani's todo.txt format, popularized with todo.txt-cli.

This application is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.


todo.txt-html5 is only supported and tested in Chrome. Right now I don't believe it works anywhere else due to use of the HTML5 Filesystem API.

If you have any issues with this app, please open an issue or, if so inclined, submit a pull request.



  • Edit/Store todo.txt/done.txt files in Chrome's sandboxed local filesystem.
  • Import contents of other todo.txt formated files via drag-and-drop.
  • Create new tasks.
  • Edit description/priority of existing tasks.
  • Mark tasks complete.
  • Tasks are dynamically sorted by status, priority, then age.
  • Changes are auto saved to the filesystem.


See our Pivotal Tracker for information on future features. Dropbox integration is probably the most significant upcoming feature.



The simplest way to access todo.txt-html5 is to go to the public install at However, you can easily host it yourself by dropping the contents of the src directory into a web-accessible directory on your server.


Any changes to tasks or new tasks will be automatically saved to the filesystem.


If you have existing todo.txt file(s) you can import their contents into the app by dragging them into the box at the top of the page.

Create Tasks

To add new tasks input the priority (if any) into the small text box, and the description into the large one. Press ENTER or click "Add" to get the task onto the list.

Edit Tasks

To edit an existing task just click on it. The display will be swapped out for text fields. Just like with adding a task, press ENTER or click "Save" to accept the changes.

Complete Tasks

If you want to mark a task complete, click the checkbox (duh...).

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