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Notify of Chrome OS Updates
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Notify of Chrome OS Updates


This project contains a module and AWS Lambda function that notifies me whenever Google pushes an update to one of my Chromebooks. It does this by calling the same API the Chromebook calls to check for its own updates, but with some simplification of parameters so that I shouldn't have to update the function frequently. Triggered by a CloudWatch Events scheduled event, the function compares the response with the one it got the last time it ran (stored in DynamoDB) and sends a message to an SNS Topic if there's been a change. I have my phone number subscribed to the SNS Topic, so I'll get a text.

It's all completely serverless and costs nearly nothing. My AWS bill is about $0.34/month but that's mostly for other things I have in S3.


Sorry for not going into great detail here. Obviously there are important things missing from this project, like a minimal IAM policy or a CDK script to set it all up. Cut an issue or send a pull request if you want to help improve anything, or I may get around to it eventually.

The project includes example Chromebook data and environment configuration.

aws lambda update-function-configuration \
  --function-name cros-updates \
  --environment "$(
    jq -c \
      --arg chromebooks_json "$(jq -c . chromebooks.json)" \
      '.Variables.CHROMEBOOKS_JSON = $chromebooks_json' \
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