LeJOS experiment version

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This version is a baseline of the software used during the LeJOS experiment that used the generic, multi-objective superoptimizer.Please note that "gso" may be referenced throughout older versions of the code as the previous name of the project was "generic superoptimizer", but this acronym was also used for the "GNU superoptimizer".

The following zip files are the respective versions of the generic, multi-objective superoptimizer used for experimentation:

  • gso.version.1.baseline.version.zip
  • gso.version.2.tests.running.with.infinite.loop.detection.zip
  • gso.version.3.tests.and.scenarios.running.on.NXT.zip

The following zip files are the log files obtained from the case study:

  • initial.test.run.results.gso.logs.part.1.of.4.zip
  • initial.test.run.results.gso.logs.part.2.of.4.zip
  • initial.test.run.results.gso.logs.part.3.of.4.zip
  • initial.test.run.results.gso.logs.part.4.of.4.zip

The following zip file is a list of all programs generated by the superoptimizer:

  • list.of.all.programs.zip

The following text file is a list of all the programs that passed the initial test with the software-only simulator:

  • list.of.programs.passing.initial.test.txt

The following zip file is a folder with the Microsoft Excel and Wolfram Mathematica source code used to analyse the results obtained from the experiment:

  • results.zip

The following zip file contains the log files used in the previous analysis:

  • simulation.test.and.scenario.results.gso.logs.zip

The following videos were uploaded to the Vimeo video-sharing service as a part of the case study:

  • Baseline.video.mov
  • Optimized.video.mov