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import urllib2
import rovi_auth
import call_twilio
import json
import simplejson
def get_relatedMovies(search,contact):
contact = contact
sig = rovi_auth.sign()
#Accessing Rovi's Metadata and Search API
url ='' % (search,sig)
rovi_json = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()
# convert to a native python object
(true,false,null) = (True,False,None)
#Parsing the json payload
rovi_data = eval(rovi_json)
#Retrieving movie from the payload
movie = rovi_data ['related']['isRelatedTo']
related_movies =''
movie_review =''
for i, m in enumerate(movie):
movie_title_original = m ['title']
movie_title = (movie_title_original.replace(" ", "+")).replace(':','')
release_year = m ['releaseYear']
#Getting movie_id from Rotten Tomatoes for each movie returned by Rovi's related API. This code must run multiple times in a loop.
rotten_get_movie_id_url ='' % (movie_title)
rotten_json = urllib2.urlopen(rotten_get_movie_id_url).read()
(true,false,null) = (True,False,None)
rotten_data = eval(rotten_json)
movie_id = rotten_data ['movies'][i]['id']
#Getting movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes for each movie_id returned by Rotten Tomatoes' movies API. This code must run multiple times in a loop.
rotten_get_movie_review_url ='' % (movie_id)
reviews_json = urllib2.urlopen(rotten_get_movie_review_url).read()
reviews_data = simplejson.loads(reviews_json)
movie_review = reviews_data ['reviews'][i]['links']['review']
except IndexError:
# print 'Review Not available'
print ' '
except simplejson.decoder.JSONDecodeError:
# print 'Review Not available'
print ' '
related_movies = related_movies + str(i+1) + '. ' + movie_title_original + ' \r'
except urllib2.URLError, e:
print e
except KeyError, e:
print e
print "Message Sent \r"
print related_movies
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