My personal blog built with django.
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This is the source code of my blog powered by Django.

Getting started

Clone this repository

git clone
cd weblog/

Ensure you have virtualenv installed. Also postgresql and libpq-dev or its equivalent. Create and activate a new virtual environment.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Create a database for the blog. Export database credentials as enviroment variables.

export DBNAME=weblog
export DBPASS=password
export DBUSER=postgres
export STATIC_ROOT=/home/user/static/
export MEDIA_ROOT=/home/user/media/

Create database schema for the application

python migrate

Run a developement server

python runserver

Running tests

You can run tests using the postgres database by running

./ test

In memory tests (faster) can be run using:

./ test --settings=weblog.settings.tests