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Multiline Bookmarklet

Github works great when you're discussing changes and asking questions about code. Unfortunately, when you're working with prose text, lines frequently go way past the edge of the container, often with the horizontal scrollbar a long ways away. It's pretty much impossible to read anything. Sure, you could just make sure that everyone, everywhere, always sets a hard wrap on their text, but solutions like "make millions of people do something differently," rarely scale in the short term. We think it's a lot easier to just remove the non-breaking spaces in the code display and force the text to wrap... which is exactly what this bookmarklet does!





Note: The bookmarklet currently restricts wrapping to files ending in .md, .markdown, .txt, .textile, .xml, or .rst. But it's easy enough to remove this restriction -- either yourself, or by convincing us to do it here.

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