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A boilerplate for all ur boilerplates
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Boilerplate Boilerplate

Boilerplates are more than just really thick sheets of steel: they're the totally most raddest way to get started developing. Thanks to projects like HTML5Boilerplate, Dojo Boilerplate, BoilerPlate Film Budgeting Templates, and JavaScript Library Boilerplate, you can pretty much do anything, starting on Step 2! Unfortunately, The tedium of Step 1 inevitably creeps back up on you if you want to write your own boilerplate for others to use. Until now.

Introducing Boilerplate Boilerplate

Boilerplate Boilerplate is just a Git repository with a blank .gitignore and a This can save you up to 45 seconds per project!

How Do I Use It

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Edit and get rid of everything before the place where it says "GET RID OF EVERYTHING BEFORE HERE."
  3. Substitute in your project's name
  4. Do all the work
  5. Give me credit
  6. Preferably using the word "excellent"



[YOUR PROJECT NAME] Boilerplate is the fastest way to start developing a [YOUR PROJECT TYPE] project. Leverage years of experience with [YOUR PROJECT TYPE] in seconds flat with [YOUR PROJECT NAME].

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