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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013 - Responsive Web Design

By Aidan Ryan (Magenic)
With Dan Hester ([Magenic] (

This repository provides sample code as a companion to my Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013 talk "Responsive Re-Engineering."

Slides are on SlideShare


  1. Bootstrap
  2. Hotkeys
  3. OutputCache-Friendly hiding from mobile
  4. Responsive Form
  5. Responsive Media
  6. grid system
  7. Typography
  8. Web Fonts

You should allow NuGet to download packages automatically by going to: Visual Studio | Tools | Options | Package Manager and checking the checkbox to: Allow NuGet to download missing packages during build

NuGet Dependencies: NewRelic.Agent.Api.x86; Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.WebHost; Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.FixedDisplayModes; Handlebars.js; Microsoft.AspNet.Razor; Microsoft.Bcl.Build; Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi; Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization; Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Client; Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Core; Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages; Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure; Microsoft.Net.Http; jQuery; jQuery.Hotkeys; Microsoft.Bcl; Modernizr; Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc; Newtonsoft.Json; WebGrease;

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