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Dumps a Crystal Reports RPT file to XML. Useful for diffs.

Binary releases available on the Releases page.

Ported to C# from the original VB project


Download the latest release.

RptToXml references Crystal Reports assemblies. The easiest way to get them onto a development machine is to install the Crystal Reports Runtime from an MSI downloaded from this page.

Install the SAP frameworks (probably need 32-bit and 64-bit):

  • SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio (SP##) runtime engine for .NET framework MSI (32-bit)
  • SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio (SP##) runtime engine for .NET framework MSI (64-bit)

Run the executable from the command line with

# process a single file
RptToXml.exe path/to/report_name.rpt path/to/output.xml

# process a directory of reports
cd path/to/reports
RptToXml.exe -r

Building From Source

The solution will build with VS2012 or higher. Express editions have not been tested but should work.

Install the SAP pacakge for Visual Studio:

  • SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio (SP##) installation package for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE (VS 20## and above or below)

Find the executable RptToXml.exe in RptToXml/bin/<where did you build to?> after building the solution in Visual Studio.