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Up-to-the-minute upgrades of the official MegaZeux distributation are available via FTP at:
Contact Matt Williams:
MegaZeux 2.51 has all-new music code. Some important new features-
* Up to 32 music/sound channels playing simultaneously
* Up to 4 simultaneous sound effects
* Support for stereo and 16-bit sound cards
* Support for SoundBlaster (1.x/2.x/16/Pro) GUS and PAS-16
* Support for almost all file formats through a conversion program
Sorry, but Sound Source and PC Speaker output have been removed.
Note that MID and XM are NOT supported. MOD files can be loaded as
normal, but all other supported formats MUST be converted to a GDM
file first using the included 2GDM utility. Supported formats
include MOD/NST/WOW/OCT, S3M, 669, and MTM.
See the 'MegaZeux's Sound System' section of Help for details.
Many people have had problems getting MegaZeux to run on their
systems. MegaZeux requires EMS for most usage, and many computers
will need to use a boot disk.
MegaZeux makes extensive use of EMS and conventional (first
640k) memory. The more you have available, the better it will
To have EMS memory available, you must have an EMS driver
installed. Most EMS drivers also require an XMS/HIMEM driver
loaded first. You will need lines similar to the following in
your CONFIG.SYS to load HIMEM and an EMS driver, respectively-
The 3072 tells DOS to reserve up to 3072K of memory (3
megabytes) for EMS. Feel free to lower or raise this value,
but a minimum of 2048K (2 megabytes) is recommended.
It is also recommended that you load SmartDrive to run MegaZeux.
SmartDrive is a disk-cache utility that is usually loaded,
because it greatly speeds up repeat disk accesses. You probably
already have a line such as SMARTDRV.EXE /X in your AUTOEXEC.BAT;
if not, you should consider adding it somewhere after the PATH
To help free up conventional memory, you may need to create a
boot disk. This is a common procedure for games that use less
conventional setups (such as MegaZeux), and if a certain boot disk
works for one game, it may work just fine for MegaZeux. However,
you must remember to include HIMEM and an EMS driver, and include
a mouse driver if you want your mouse to be available.
To create a boot disk, stick a blank disk into your A: drive and
type the following:
FORMAT A: /S <enter>
Answer Yes to all questions. Give the disk a label if you wish.
Answer No to "Format another?" and then type:
DEVICEHIGH=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE 4096 H=160 <enter>
DOS=HIGH <enter>
SMARTDRV /X <enter>
C:\MOUSE\MOUSE <enter>
C: <enter>
CD \MEGAZEUX <enter>
MEGAZEUX <enter>
The line to load the mouse driver is optional, and may vary on
different computers. The drive and directory you have MegaZeux
in may differ as well. Your windows and dos paths may differ.
Once you've followed these instructions, you can insert the
disk and reboot the computer to run MegaZeux. It is best if you
get a computer-wise friend to help you, if you can't get the
above to work.
One note- most newer sound cards require drivers or other
programs to be run before they can be used. Check your existing
configuration files and/or manuals to find out what these
commands are if you intend to use MegaZeux with a boot disk.
If you have used versions 2.00 or 2.01 of MegaZeux at any time,
you should run the program FIX.EXE in every directory containing
.MZX and .MZB files. This fixes a small bug in version 2.00/2.01.
.SAV files may still run strangely- if so, start the game anew.
Welcome to MegaZeux!
As you may already know, MegaZeux is a game system which
allows you to play almost limitless worlds in EGA graphics
and with beautiful digitized music and sound. MegaZeux comes
with worlds, and new worlds are being uploaded every day to
major on-line services such as America Online. But the most
fabulous feature of MegaZeux is the World Editor.
Using the World Editor, ANYONE can create the world of their
dreams. Make it as simple or complex, as easy or difficult,
as long or short as you please. And we aren't just talking
about worlds made up of petty, pre-programmed enemies and
objects. MegaZeux has it's own, easy to use PROGRAMMING
LANGUAGE called Robotic that allows you to create enemies,
objects, and worlds that do almost anything you desire.
For the new user, I recommend you play Caverns, the first
included game, to get the feel of MegaZeux. You may wish
to read the help or .DOC section entitled "Controls" to
learn how to play MegaZeux.
Once you have the feel for the game, however, feel free
to dive into the World Editor and get messy! You should
probably read the help or .DOC section entitled "The World
Editor" first.
Use F1 to read help, or read MEGAZEUX.DOC, for more detailed
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