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;$Author: DCODY $
;$Date: 04 Sep 1992 16:40:48 $
;$Header: X:/sccs/inc/common.inv 1.2 04 Sep 1992 16:40:48 DCODY $
;$Log: X:/sccs/inc/common.inv $
; Rev 1.2 04 Sep 1992 16:40:48 DCODY
; Rev 1.1 25 Jun 1992 23:23:26 DCODY
;PAS2 update
; Rev 1.0 15 Jun 1992 09:58:38 BCRANE
;Initial revision.
;$Logfile: X:/sccs/inc/common.inv $
;$Revision: 1.2 $
;$Workfile: $
; /*\
;---|*|----====< COMMON.INC >====----
;---|*| This file contains the Media Vision hardware definition equates, and.
;---|*| the PC hardware environment.
;---|*| Copyright (c) 1991,1992 Media Vision, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
; \*/
; Hardware associated with the PAS1/PAS2/CDPC
DEFAULT_BASE EQU 00388h ;; default base I/O address
ALT_BASE_1 EQU 00384h ;; first alternate address
ALT_BASE_2 EQU 0038Ch ;; second alternate address
ALT_BASE_3 EQU 00288h ;; third alternate address
USE_ACTIVE_ADDR EQU 00000h ;; uses what is currently active
DUALFM EQU 1 ;; Dual FM chips
DUALMIXER EQU 1 ;; Dual mixers
FILTER EQU 1 ;; Has filter after input mixer
VOLUME EQU 1 ;; Has total volume control
SYSSPKRTMR EQU 00042h ;; System Speaker Timer Address
SYSTMRCTLR EQU 00043h ;; System Timer Control Register
SYSSPKRREG EQU 00061h ;; System Speaker Register
JOYSTICK EQU 00201h ;; Joystick Register
LFMADDR EQU 00388h ;; Left FM Synthesizer Address Register
LFMDATA EQU 00389h ;; Left FM Synthesizer Data Register
RFMADDR EQU 0038Ah ;; Right FM Synthesizer Address Register
RFMDATA EQU 0038Bh ;; Right FM Synthesizer Data Register
AUXADDR EQU 00788h ;; Auxiliary Register
AUXDATA EQU 00789h ;; Auxiliary Register
DFMADDR EQU 00788h ;; Dual FM Synthesizer Address Register
DFMDATA EQU 00789h ;; Dual FM Synthesizer Data Register
pAUDIOMIXR EQU 0078Bh ;; Parallel interface Audio Mixer Reg
AUDIOMIXR EQU 00B88h ;; Audio Mixer Control Register
AUDIOFILT EQU 00B8Ah ;; Audio Filter Control Register
INTRCTLRST EQU 00B89h ;; Interrupt Control Status Register
INTRCTLR EQU 00B8Bh ;; Interrupt Control Register write
INTRCTLRRB EQU 00B8Bh ;; Interrupt Control Register read back
PCMDATA EQU 00F88h ;; PCM data I/O register (low byte)
PCMDATAH EQU 00F89h ;; PCM data I/O register (high byte)
CROSSCHANNEL EQU 00F8Ah ;; Cross Channel Register
SAMPLERATE EQU 01388h ;; (t0) Sample Rate Timer Register
SAMPLECNT EQU 01389h ;; (t1) Sample Count Register
SPKRTMR EQU 0138Ah ;; (t2) Local Speaker Timer Address
TMRCTLR EQU 0138Bh ;; Local Timer Control Register
MDIRQVECT EQU 01788H ;; MIDI-0 IRQ Vector Register
MDSYSCTLR EQU 01789H ;; MIDI-1 System Control Register
MDSYSSTAT EQU 0178AH ;; MIDI-2 IRQ Status Register
MDIRQCLR EQU 0178BH ;; MIDI-3 IRQ Clear Register
MDGROUP4 EQU 01B88H ;; MIDI-4 Group #1 Register (MDGROUP1)
MDGROUP5 EQU 01B89H ;; MIDI-5 Group #2 Register (MDGROUP2)
MDGROUP6 EQU 01B8AH ;; MIDI-6 Group #3 Register (MDGROUP3)
MDGROUP7 EQU 01B8BH ;; MIDI-7 Group #4 Register (MDGROUP4)
; Factory Default Settings
DEFAULTDMA equ 1 ;; DMA channel 1
DEFAULTIRQ equ 7 ;; IRQ channel 7
DEFAULTINT equ 65h ;; Interrupt # for software interface
; mixer select
OUTPUTMIXER equ 00h ;; output mixer H/W select
INPUTMIXER equ 40h ;; input mixer select
DEFMIXER equ -1 ;; use last mixer selected
MIXERMAX equ 1fh ;; maximum mixer setting
MVVOLUMEMAX equ 3fh ;; MVA508 maximum mixer setting
NSVOLUMEMAX equ 28h ;; National maximum mixer setting
EQUALIZERMAX equ 0ch ;; maximum equalizer setting
EQUALIZERMID equ 06h ;; maximum mid setting
; Filter register bits
fFIdatabits equ 00011111B ;; filter select and decode field bits
fFImutebits equ 00100000B ;; filter mute field bits
fFIpcmbits equ 11000000B ;; filter sample rate field bits
bFImute equ 00100000B ;; filter mute bit
bFIsrate equ 01000000B ;; filter sample rate timer mask
bFIsbuff equ 10000000B ;; filter sample buffer counter mask
FILTERMAX equ 6 ;; six possible settings
; Cross Channel Bit definitions
fCCcrossbits EQU 00001111B ;; cross channel bit field
fCCpcmbits EQU 11110000B ;; pcm/dma control bit field
bCCr2r EQU 00000001B ;; CROSSCHANNEL Right to Right
bCCl2r EQU 00000010B ;; CROSSCHANNEL Left to Right
bCCr2l EQU 00000100B ;; CROSSCHANNEL Right to Right
bCCl2l EQU 00001000B ;; CROSSCHANNEL Left to Left
bCCdac EQU 00010000B ;; DAC/ADC Control
bCCmono EQU 00100000B ;; PCM Monaural Enable
bCCenapcm EQU 01000000B ;; Enable PCM state machine
bCCdrq EQU 10000000B ;; Enable DRQ bit
; Interrupt Control Register Bits
fICintmaskbits EQU 00011111B ;; interrupt mask field bits
fICrevbits EQU 11100000B ;; revision mask field bits
fICidbits EQU 11100000B ;; Board revision ID field bits
bICleftfm EQU 00000001B ;; Left FM interrupt enable
bICritfm EQU 00000010B ;; Right FM interrupt enable
bICsamprate EQU 00000100B ;; Sample Rate timer interrupt enable
bICsampbuff EQU 00001000B ;; Sample buffer timer interrupt enable
bICmidi EQU 00010000B ;; MIDI interrupt enable
fICrevshr EQU 5 ;; rotate rev bits to lsb
; Interrupt Status Register Bits
fISints EQU 00011111B ;; Interrupt bit field
bISleftfm EQU 00000001B ;; Left FM interrupt active
bISritfm EQU 00000010B ;; Right FM interrupt active
bISsamprate EQU 00000100B ;; Sample Rate timer interrupt active
bISsampbuff EQU 00001000B ;; Sample buffer timer interrupt active
bISmidi EQU 00010000B ;; MIDI interrupt active
bISPCMlr EQU 00100000B ;; PCM left/right active
bISActive EQU 01000000B ;; Hardware is active (not in reset)
bISClip EQU 10000000B ;; Sample Clipping has occured
; cross channel channel #s
RIGHT2RIGHT equ 00h ;; right to right
LEFT2RIGHT equ 01h ;; left to right
RIGHT2LEFT equ 02h ;; right to left
LEFT2LEFT equ 03h ;; left to left
; left/right mixer channel selection
; left channel values
L_FM equ 01h
L_IMIXER equ 02h
L_EXT equ 03h
L_INT equ 04h
L_MIC equ 05h
L_PCM equ 06h
L_SPEAKER equ 07h
L_FREE equ 00h
L_SBDAC equ 00h
; right channel values
R_FM equ 08h
R_IMIXER equ 09h
R_EXT equ 0Ah
R_INT equ 0Bh
R_MIC equ 0Ch
R_PCM equ 0Dh
R_FREE equ 0Fh
R_SBDAC equ 0Fh
; Mixer register bits
fMImixerbits EQU 00010111B ;; mixer control bit fields
fMIspkrbits EQU 01000000B ;; speaker integrator field bits
bMIdata EQU 00000001B ;; data bit
bMIclock EQU 00000010B ;; clock strobe
bMImistrb EQU 00000100B ;; mixer output strobe
bMIna1 EQU 00001000B ;; not used
bMIvol EQU 00010000B ;; total volume enabled
bMIna2 EQU 00100000B ;; not used
bMIspkrint EQU 01000000B ;; speaker integrator
bMImonofm EQU 10000000B ;; make both FMs mono
bMIfmreset EQU bMIdata ;; OPL3 FM chip reset
bMIdacreset EQU bMIclock ;; CODEC reset
bMIsbreset EQU bMImistrb ;; SB microprocessor reset
bMI508reset EQU bMIvol ;; MVA508 reset
; volume control channel #s
VOLMUTE equ 40h ;; MUTE button
VOLBASS equ 42h ;; BASS level setting
VOLTREBLE equ 43h ;; TREBLE level setting
VOLLEFT equ 44h ;; MASTER LEFT LEVEL settting
VOLMODE equ 46h ;; Model Select Left/Stereo/Right
bVOLEbass equ 0001b ;; enhanced bass bit
bVOLEstereo equ 0010b ;; enhanced stereo bit
; output control
pmADDRSELECT equ 80h ;; Parallel mixer addr select
pmDATASELECT equ 00h ;; Parallel mixer data select
; mixer channel programming selection
pmCHANNELLR equ 00h ;; Left/Right channel select
pmCHANNELL equ 20h ;; Left channel only select
pmCHANNELR equ 40h ;; Right channel only select
; device select
pmMIXERSELECT equ 10h ;; Parallel Mixer device select
pmVOLUMESELECT equ 00h ;; Parallel Volume device select
; Volume Device selects
pmVOLUMEA equ 01h ;; Left/Right channel select
pmVOLUMEB equ 02h ;; Left/Right channel select
pmVOLUMEBASS equ 03h ;; Left/Right channel select
pmVOLUMETREB equ 04h ;; Left/Right channel select
pmVOLUMEMODE equ 05h ;; Left/Right channel select
; mixer selection
pmOUTPUTMIXER equ 00h ;; Mixer-A selection
pmINPUTMIXER equ 20h ;; Mixer-B selection
; mixer channel swap
pmCHSWAP equ 40h ;; Mixer channel reroute
; int 2F application ID codes
INT2FCODE1 equ 0BCH ;; Bryan's initials
; int 2F ID (func 0) return register values
INT2FREGBX equ 6D00h ;; 'm '
INT2FREGCX equ 0076h ;; ' v'
; hardware specific equates for the MV101 (digital ASIC)
MASTERADDRP equ 09a01h ;; Master Address Pointer (w)
MIDIPRESCALE equ 01788h ;; MIDI prescale (r/w)
MIDITIMER equ 01789h ;; MIDI Timer (r/w)
MIDIDATA equ 0178ah ;; MIDI Data (r/w)
MIDICONTROL equ 0178bh ;; MIDI Control (r/w)
MIDISTATUS equ 01b88h ;; MIDI Status (r/w)
MIDIFIFOS equ 01b89h ;; MIDI Fifo Status (r/w)
MIDICOMPARE equ 01b8ah ;; MIDI Compare Time (r/w)
MIDITEST equ 01b8bh ;; MIDI Test (w)
MASTERCHIPR equ 0ff88h ;; Master Chip Rev (r)
SLAVECHIPR equ 0ef88h ;; Slave Chip Rev (r)
ENHANCEDSCSI equ 07f89h ;; Enhanced SCSI detect port
SYSCONFIG1 equ 08388h ;; System Config 1 (r/w)
SYSCONFIG2 equ 08389h ;; System Config 2 (r/w)
SYSCONFIG3 equ 0838ah ;; System Config 3 (r/w)
SYSCONFIG4 equ 0838bh ;; System Config 4 (r/w)
IOCONFIG1 equ 0f388h ;; I/O Config 1 (r/w)
IOCONFIG2 equ 0f389h ;; I/O Config 2 (r/w)
IOCONFIG3 equ 0f38ah ;; I/O Config 3 (r/w)
IOCONFIG4 equ 0f38bh ;; I/O Config 4 (r/w)
COMPATREGE equ 0f788h ;; Compatible Rgister Enable (r/w)
EMULADDRP equ 0f789h ;; Emulation Address Pointer (r/w)
WAITSTATE equ 0bf88h ;; Wait State (r/w)
PUSHBUTTON equ 0e388h ;; Push Button (slave) (???)
AUXINTSTAT equ 0e38ah ;; Aux Int Status (???)
AUXINTENA equ 0e38bh ;; Aux Int Enable (???)
OVRSMPPRE equ 0bf8ah ;; Over Sample Prescale (r/w)
ANALSERD equ 0bf89h ;; Analog Chip Serial Data (w)
MASTERMODRD equ 0ff8bh ;; Master Mode Read (r)
SLAVEMODRD equ 0ef8bh ;; Slave Mode Read (r)
INTWATCHDOG equ 0fb8bh ;; Interrupt Watch Dog (???)
MASTERuPDATA equ 0fb88h ;; Master uP Data (???)
MASTERuPCMD equ 0fb89h ;; Master uP Command/Status (???)
MASTERuPRST equ 0fb8ah ;; Master uP Restart (???)
SLAVEuPDATA equ 0eb88h ;; Slave uP Data (???)
SLAVEuPCMD equ 0eb88h ;; Slave uP Command/Status (???)
SLAVEuPRST equ 0eb88h ;; Slave uP Restart (???)
CDTOCOUNTER equ 04388h ;; CD-ROM timeout counter (r/w)
CDTOSTAT equ 04389h ;; CD-ROM timeout status (r/w)
LEFTVURD equ 02388h ;; Left VU Read (r)
RITVURD equ 02389h ;; Right VU Read (r)
SBRST equ 00206h ;; SB Reset (w)
SBDATA equ 0020Ah ;; SB Data Read (r)
SBCMD equ 0020Ch ;; SB CMD Write/Status Read (r/w)
SBSTAT equ 0020Eh ;; SB Data Status (r)
MPUDATA equ 00300h ;; MPU-401 data reg (r/w)
MPUCMD equ 00301h ;; MPU-401 command reg (r/w)
; Sys Config 1
bSC1timena equ 00000001b ;; shadow enable
bSC1pcmemu equ 00000010b ;; PCM Emulation of PAS1
bSC128mhz equ 00000100b ;; 28mhz clock divisor
bSC1invcom equ 00001000b ;; invert COM port interrupt input
bSC1stspea equ 00010000b ;; stereoize pc speaker
bSC1realsnd equ 00100000b ;; smart real sound emulatio
bSC1d6 equ 01000000b ;;
bSC1mstrst equ 10000000b ;; master chip reset
; Sys Config 2
bSC2ovrsmp equ 00000011b ;; oversampling 0,1,2,4
bSC216bit equ 00000100b ;; 16 bit audio
bSC212bit equ 00001000b ;; 12 bit interleaving (d2 must be set too)
bSC2msbinv equ 00010000b ;; invert MSB from standard method
bSC2slavport equ 01100000b ;; slave port bits
bSC2vcolock equ 10000000b ;; VCO locked (Sample Rate Clock Valid)
; Sys Config 3
bSC328mhzfil equ 00000001b ;; PCM Rate uses 28mhz
bSC31mhzsb equ 00000010b ;; 1mhz timer for SB sample rate
bSC3vcoinv equ 00000100b ;; invert VCO output
bSC3bclkinv equ 00001000b ;; invert BCLK form 16 bit DAC
bSC3lrsync equ 00010000b ;; 0=L/R, 1 = Sync Pulse
bSC3d5 equ 00100000b ;;
bSC3d6 equ 01000000b ;;
bSC3d7 equ 10000000b ;;
; Sys Config 4
bSC4drqahi equ 00000001b ;; DRQ from drive active high
bSC4dackahi equ 00000010b ;; DRQ from drive active high
bSC4intahi equ 00000100b ;; INT from drive active high
bSC4drqvalid equ 00001000b ;; DRQ line valid from drive
bSC4comena equ 00010000b ;; enable COM interrupt
bSC4enascsi equ 00100000b ;; enable SCSI interrupt
bSC4drqptr equ 11000000b ;; DRQ timing pointer bits
; I/O Config 1
bIC1ps2ena equ 00000001b ;; Enable Chip (PS2 only)
bIC1comdcd equ 00000110b ;; COM port decode pointer
bIC1comint equ 00111000b ;; COM port interrupt pointer
bIC1joyena equ 01000000b ;; Enable joystick read
bIC1wporena equ 10000000b ;; Enable warm boot reset
; I/O Config 2
bIC2dmaptr equ 00000111b ;; DMA channel select
;;bIC28dmaptr equ 00001111b ;; 8 bit DMA channel select
;;bIC216dmaptr equ 11110000b ;; 16 bit DMA channel select
; I/O Config 3
bIC3pcmint equ 00001111b ;; pcm IRQ channel select
bIC3cdint equ 11110000b ;; cd IRQ channel select
; Compatibility Register
cpMPUEmulation equ 00000001b ;; MPU emuation is on bit
cpSBEmulation equ 00000010b ;; SB emuation is on bit
; Emulation Address Pointer
epSBptr equ 00001111b ;; bit field for SB emulation
epMPUptr equ 11110000b ;; bit field for MPU emulation
; Slave Mode Read
bSMRDdrvtyp equ 00000011b ;; drive interface type
bSMRDfmtyp equ 00000100b ;; FM chip type
bSMRDdactyp equ 00001000b ;; 16 bit dac (1) or 8 bit dac (0)
bSMRDimidi equ 00010000b ;; use internal MIDI
bSMRDswrep equ 10000000b ;; switch is auto repeating
; Master Mode Read
bMMRDatps2 equ 00000001b ;; AT(1) or PS2(0) bus
bMMRDtmremu equ 00000010b ;; timer emulation enabled
bMMRDmsmd equ 00000100b ;; master/slave mode
bMMRDslave equ 00001000b ;; slave power on or device present
bMMRDattim equ 00010000b ;; xt/at timing
bMMRDmstrev equ 11100000b ;; master rev level
; MIDI Control Register
bMCRenatstmp equ 00000001b ;; MIDI enable time stamp interrupt
bMCRenacmptm equ 00000010b ;; MIDI enable compare time interrupt
bMCRenafifoi equ 00000100b ;; MIDI enable FIFO input interrupt
bMCRenafifoo equ 00001000b ;; MIDI enable FIFO output interrupt
bMCRenafifooh equ 00010000b ;; MIDI enable FIFO output half int
bMCRrstfifoi equ 00100000b ;; MIDI reset Input FIFO pointer
bMCRrstfifoo equ 01000000b ;; MIDI reset Output FIFO pointer
bMCRechoio equ 10000000b ;; MIDI echo input to output (THRU)
; MIDI Status Register
bMSRtimstamp equ 00000001b ;; MIDI time stamp interrupt
bMSRcmptime equ 00000010b ;; MIDI compare time interrupt
bMSRififo equ 00000100b ;; MIDI input FIFO data avail interrupt
bMSRofifo equ 00001000b ;; MIDI output FIFO empty interrupt
bMSRofifohalf equ 00010000b ;; MIDI output FIFO half empty interrupt
bMSRififoovr equ 00100000b ;; MIDI input FIFO overrun error
bMSRofifoovr equ 01000000b ;; MIDI output FIFO overrun error
bMSRframeerr equ 10000000b ;; MIDI frame error
; MIDI FIFO count
bMFCififo equ 00001111b ;; MIDI input FIFO count
bMFCofifo equ 11110000b ;; MIDI output FIFO count
; Aux interrupt status/enable
bAUfmrit equ 00000001b ;; FM right interrupt
bAUpushb equ 00000010b ;; push button active
bAUslavecpu equ 00000100b ;; slave coprocessor
bAUaux0int equ 00001000b ;; aux 0 interrupt
bAUaux1int equ 00010000b ;; aux 1 interrupt
bAUaux2int equ 00100000b ;; aux 2 interrupt
bAUaux3int equ 01000000b ;; aux 3 interrupt
bAUmastrcpu equ 10000000b ;; master coprocessor or emulation active
; Push Buttons on the Front Panel
bPSHmute equ 00000001b ;; mute on the front panel
bPSHdnarrow equ 00000010b ;; down arrow on the front panel
bPSHuparrow equ 00000100b ;; up arrow on the front panel
bPSauxbit1 equ 00001000b ;; unused bit...
bPSauxbit2 equ 00010000b ;; unused bit...
bPSauxbit3 equ 00100000b ;; unused bit...
bPSauxbit4 equ 01000000b ;; unused bit...
bPSauxbit5 equ 10000000b ;; unused bit...
;---------------------------====< PC HARDWARE >====---------------------------
; Interrupt Controller #1 Port Addresses and Interrupt Masks
IRQ1MASKREG EQU 021h ;; 8259 mask register
IRQ1ACKREG EQU 020h ;; 8259 INT acknowledge register
INT0MSK EQU 00000001B ;; interrupt 0 mask
INT1MSK EQU 00000010B ;; interrupt 1 mask
INT2MSK EQU 00000100B ;; interrupt 2 mask
INT3MSK EQU 00001000B ;; interrupt 3 mask
INT4MSK EQU 00010000B ;; interrupt 4 mask
INT5MSK EQU 00100000B ;; interrupt 5 mask
INT6MSK EQU 01000000B ;; interrupt 6 mask
INT7MSK EQU 10000000B ;; interrupt 7 mask
; Interrupt Controller #2 Port Addresses and Interrupt Masks
IRQ2MASKREG EQU 0A1h ;; 8259 mask register
IRQ2ACKREG EQU 0A0h ;; 8259 INT acknowledge register
INT8MSK EQU 00000001B ;; interrupt 8 mask
INT9MSK EQU 00000010B ;; interrupt 9 mask
INTAMSK EQU 00000100B ;; interrupt A mask
INTBMSK EQU 00001000B ;; interrupt B mask
INTCMSK EQU 00010000B ;; interrupt C mask
INTDMSK EQU 00100000B ;; interrupt D mask
INTEMSK EQU 01000000B ;; interrupt E mask
INTFMSK EQU 10000000B ;; interrupt F mask
EOI EQU 020h ;; non specific end of interrupt
; dma controller #1 port addresses
DMAC0ADDR EQU 000h ;; DMA channel 0 Base & Current Address
DMAC0COUNT EQU 001h ;; DMA channel 0 Base & Current Count
DMAC1ADDR EQU 002h ;; DMA channel 1 Base & Current Address
DMAC1COUNT EQU 003h ;; DMA channel 1 Base & Current Count
DMAC2ADDR EQU 004h ;; DMA channel 2 Base & Current Address
DMAC2COUNT EQU 005h ;; DMA channel 2 Base & Current Count
DMAC3ADDR EQU 006h ;; DMA channel 3 Base & Current Address
DMAC3COUNT EQU 007h ;; DMA channel 3 Base & Current Count
DMA2C4ADDR EQU 0C0h ;; DMA channel 4 Base & Current Address
DMA2C4COUNT EQU 0C2h ;; DMA channel 4 Base & Current Count
DMA2C5ADDR EQU 0C4h ;; DMA channel 5 Base & Current Address
DMA2C5COUNT EQU 0C6h ;; DMA channel 5 Base & Current Count
DMA2C6ADDR EQU 0C8h ;; DMA channel 6 Base & Current Address
DMA2C6COUNT EQU 0CAh ;; DMA channel 6 Base & Current Count
DMA2C7ADDR EQU 0CCh ;; DMA channel 7 Base & Current Address
DMA2C7COUNT EQU 0CEh ;; DMA channel 7 Base & Current Count
DMARDSTAT EQU 008h ;; DMA read status
DMAWRCNTRL EQU 008h ;; DMA write command register
DMAWREQ EQU 009h ;; DMA write request register
DMAWRSMR EQU 00Ah ;; DMA write single mask register
DMAWRMODE EQU 00Bh ;; DMA write mode register
DMACLEAR EQU 00Ch ;; DMA clear low/high flip-flop
DMARDTEMP EQU 00Dh ;; DMA read temp register
DMAWRCLR EQU 00Dh ;; DMA write master clear
DMACLRMSK EQU 00Eh ;; DMA clear mask register
DMAWRALL EQU 00Fh ;; DMA write all mask register bits
DMA2RDSTAT EQU 0D0h ;; DMA read status
DMA2WRCNTRL EQU 0D0h ;; DMA write command register
DMA2WREQ EQU 0D2h ;; DMA write request register
DMA2WRSMR EQU 0D4h ;; DMA write single mask register
DMA2WRMODE EQU 0D6h ;; DMA write mode register
DMA2CLEAR EQU 0D8h ;; DMA clear low/high flip-flop
DMA2RDTEMP EQU 0DAh ;; DMA read temp register
DMA2WRCLR EQU 0DAh ;; DMA write master clear
DMA2CLRMSK EQU 0DCh ;; DMA clear mask register
DMA2WRALL EQU 0DEh ;; DMA write all mask register bits
CH0PAGEREG EQU 087h ;; Channel 0 Page Register
CH1PAGEREG EQU 083h ;; Channel 1 Page Register
CH2PAGEREG EQU 081h ;; Channel 2 Page Register
CH3PAGEREG EQU 082h ;; Channel 3 Page Register
CH5PAGEREG EQU 08Bh ;; Channel 5 Page Register
CH6PAGEREG EQU 089h ;; Channel 6 Page Register
CH7PAGEREG EQU 08Ah ;; Channel 7 Page Register
; /*\
;---|*| end of COMMON.INC
; \*/
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