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This is not a Capital One repository. Capital One logos are used imaginatively as this was created as part of a Capital One hackathon.

As part of the Capital One Code <FAM> hackathon (November 4-5, 2017) I put together this little app prototype/mockup/demo/call-it-what-you-will.

The idea is that it's a bad idea for your credit card to work all the time; really it should have a second factor of authentication. Imagine that your card always gets denied, by default, except when you open an app on your phone and indicate that you want to use your card. Then you can make a transaction, and it will work, and then your card goes back into its default locked-down state.

This would be a little annoying to have to do, but it would be so good for stopping fraudulent credit card use that I think it could actually be a really good idea.

There were also some ideas in the app about coordinating a family budget among multiple card users, etc. etc.

You can check out the brief slide deck we presented at the hackathon, with backup screenshots starting on slide six.

I also talked about the app at DC Hack and Tell, 2017-11-16. Here's a tweet with a picture.

The code is barely enough to make the demo work and should not be taken seriously as code in its own right.