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Add . to the load path when running tests (to pacify ruby 1.9.2)

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1 parent 4acf2e0 commit 338930e0508b8ea023d6a17ff9f2fb059c48bd0e @jtrupiano jtrupiano committed Sep 18, 2010
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@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
echo "\033[1;81m Running test_time_stack_item...\033[0m"
-ruby -I../lib test_time_stack_item.rb || (echo "FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!")
+ruby -I../lib:. test_time_stack_item.rb || (echo "FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!")
echo "\033[1;81m Running test_timecop_without_date...\033[0m"
-ruby -I../lib test_timecop_without_date.rb || (echo "FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!")
+ruby -I../lib:. test_timecop_without_date.rb || (echo "FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!")
echo "\033[1;81m Running test_timecop_without_date_but_with_time...\033[0m"
-ruby -I../lib test_timecop_without_date_but_with_time.rb || (echo "FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!")
+ruby -I../lib:. test_timecop_without_date_but_with_time.rb || (echo "FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!")
echo "\033[1;81m Running test_timecop...\033[0m"
-ruby -I../lib test_timecop.rb || (echo "FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!")
+ruby -I../lib:. test_timecop.rb || (echo "FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!")

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