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The current SilverStripe module system is quite haphazard, with different parts of the framework responsible for loading things from modules, and procedural bootstrap code. Goals while reworking this include:

  • Proper module priority.
  • Full namespace support.
  • Ability to have modules in subfolders.
  • More consistent way to load resources (classes, css, templates, js?) from modules.
  • More to come...

Possible implementation points

  • Refactoring project structures to suit a defined module management system
  • Developer API to module management within the framework (eg ModuleManager->listModules())
    • Enable/Disable modules via code (that could eventually have a CMS interface?)
    • Blocks of code that execute
      • When the module is enabled
      • Every request when the module is enabled
      • When the module is de-activated
  • Additional metadata on top of the defaults provided by packagist/composer
  • Tooling for module authors?
    • to automatically generate module JSON descriptors
    • publishing updates after git commits/tags
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