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Noted new requirements that have emerged as a result of (GH-13).

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For the purpose of more rapid development, as well as hopefully a positive API experience, Riak-Cpp's library and compiler requirements are a little bit high. Please take this into consideration, if you consider Riak for your own use.
- * **A C++11 compiler, at the level of GCC 4.4 or higher**
+ * **A C++11 compiler, at the level of GCC 4.4 or higher (including MSVC10)**
Riak uses both C++11 language features (e.g. type inference) and headers (e.g. `<chrono>`, and `std::bind` from `<functional>`). This decision was made to reduce the stringency of dependencies on Boost.
- * **Boost v1.46 (v1.47 on Windows)**
+ * **Boost >= v1.42 (>= v1.47 on MSVC10)**
Notable libraries used include Asio, Optional and Thread. During development, Boost v1.46 is used for testing. We may reduce the requirements to earlier versions at some later point, but as of today that has not been tested. Windows requires the `boost::chrono` library, not available until v1.47.
- * **SCons (for building)**
+ * **SCons (for building on Linux)**
SCons made the buildscript writing process faster, for now. We are open to other systems. In the meantime, compiling shouldn't be hard if you need to write your own build scripts.
+ * **Visual Studio 2010 (for building on Windows)**
* **Google Test and Google Mock (for building)**
We have found here a use for unit testing, which is greatly facilitated by these two libraries.

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