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Angular 2 Play


This repo uses Angular 2.0.2 Material 2 Alpha 9 and is hosted with Webpack using Angular CLI.

Run the following commands to run the application

// Install angular-cli and typings once globally
npm -g install angular-cli
npm -g install typings

// To run the frontend
git clone
cd ng2_play
npm install
ng serve

// To run the backend
cd ng2_play\backend
node app.js


2016-10-10 Angular 2.0.2 Full Release!

2016-08-15 Upgrade to RC5 - NgModules and Forms

2016-07-05 Upgrading to 3.0 Router and Guarding Routes

2016-04-14 Replacing Bootstrap with Material2

2016-03-20 Angular2 Material First Look

2016-03-13 Lifecycle Hooks

2016-02-07 Auth and JWT Tokens with ExpressJS

2016-01-23 Auth0 in 10 minutes (signup/login/logout)

2015-12-27 Upgrade from alpha37 to beta0

2015-09-11 Build automation with Gulp

2015-09-03 Routing — Everything you need to know in 13 minutes

2015-08-14 Forms - Extended app with validation

2015-07-07 First look - Created Todo App