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Sydney University Mathematics Notes

This repository contains lecture notes in LaTeX for almost all of the courses I took in my final two years of my undergraduate degree.

PDF Files

For easy access, PDF of these notes are available on my GitHub blog.


First, clone the directory using Git:

git clone git:// 
cd SydneyUniversityMathematicsNotes

Then, to generate the PDFs, simply run

rake build

which automatically runs LaTeX on each file and outputs the generated PDF files in the directory PDFs.

To run these utilities, you must have Git, Ruby, Rake, and XeTeX installed on your system.

Course List

The courses are (in alphabetical order):

  • AMH3 - Interest Rate Models
  • AMH4 - Advanced Option Pricing
  • COMP 2907 - Algorithms and Complexity (with Giles Gardam)
  • MATH 3961 - Metric Spaces
  • MATH 3962 - Rings, Fields, and Galois Theory
  • MATH 3964 - Complex Analysis (with Giles Gardam)
  • MATH 3968 - Differential Geometry
  • MATH 3969 - Measure Theory and Fourier Analysis
  • MATH 3975 - Financial Mathematics
  • MSH2 - Probability Theory
  • MSH7 - Applied Probability and SDEs
  • PMH3 - Functional Analysis
  • PMH8 - Spectral Theory and PDEs
  • STAT 3911 - Stochastic Processes and Time Series Analysis


As you will soon see, typos/errors/omissions are rampant! Any contributions to these notes are much appreciated. Please use the usual fork/pull request model to submit these changes.


If this free transmission of lecture notes violates copyright law, please send me an email and I will immediately remove the infringing content.


Thanks must go to the excellent lecturers at Sydney University, who have made this possible.

The list of lecturers for the courses are:

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Contains lecture notes for several Sydney University advanced mathematics courses. Contributions welcomed!






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