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Folly: Facebook Open-source LibrarY
Folly is an open-source C++ library developed and used at Facebook.
For details, see folly/docs/
Folly is published on Github at; for
discussions, there is a Google group at
- double-conversion (
By default, the build tooling for double-conversion does not build
any libraries, which folly requires. To build the necessary libraries
copy folly/SConstruct.double-conversion to your double-conversion
source directory before building:
[double-conversion/] scons -f SConstruct.double-conversion
Then set CPPFLAGS/LDFLAGS so that folly can find your double-conversion
[folly/] LDFLAGS=-L<double-conversion>/ CPPFLAGS=-I<double-conversion>/src/
configure ...
- googletest (Google C++ Testing Framework)
Grab gtest 1.6.0 from:
Unzip it inside of the test/ subdirectory.
- additional platform specific dependencies:
Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit
- g++
- automake
- autoconf
- autoconf-archive
- libtool
- libboost1.46-all-dev
- libgoogle-glog-dev
This package has been removed from 12.04 -- use the one from 11.10
- gflags (packages need to be downloaded from below)
- scons (for double-conversion)
Fedora 17 64-bit
- gcc
- gcc-c++
- autoconf
- autoconf-archive
- automake
- boost-devel
- libtool
- glog-devel
- gflags-devel
- scons (for double-conversion)