Basic soft-margin kernel SVM implementation in Python
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By Andrew Tulloch (


This is a basic implementation of a soft-margin kernel SVM solver in Python using numpy and cvxopt.

See for a description of the algorithm used and the general theory behind SVMs.


Run bin/svm-py-demo --help.

∴ bin/svm-py-demo --help
usage: svm-py-demo [-h] [--num-samples NUM_SAMPLES]
                   [--num-features NUM_FEATURES] [-g GRID_SIZE] [-f

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --num-samples NUM_SAMPLES
  --num-features NUM_FEATURES
  -g GRID_SIZE, --grid-size GRID_SIZE
  -f FILENAME, --filename FILENAME

For example,

bin/svm-py-demo --num-samples=100 --num-features=2 --grid-size=500 --filename=svm500.pdf

yields the image

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