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CAD designs, instructions and firmware for a hexapod
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Hexapod ESP8266

This repository contains

  • OpenScad cad design file for a 3d printed hexapod
  • stl files for printing
  • hexapod firmware for the ESP8266 Arduino IDE

Have a look at:

The hexapod will act as an Wifi Access point. You can connect to it using the password (bestkeptsecret). Open a web page and visit This opens a page with the remote control. When fully loaded, a websocket connection is opened.

You should be able to build it for less than 100$

Bill of Materials:

1 NodeMCU - an ESP8266 development board by LoLin (v3)

2 Led / Servo drivers based on PCA9685

18 Servos by EMAX - ES08MA II, these have metal gears

5 NiMh AA Eneloop Batteries by Panasonic

1 Battery holder for 5 AA batteries

1 DC-DC converter to converter to get a clean 3.3V

18 M3 screws 12mm

6 End caps (5mm)

6 Bearings 623Z (id=3mm, od=10mm)

6 M3 washers

6 M3 nuts

6 Brass 40mm Standoffs (M3 threaded)

75 2mm x 6mm screws

25 2mm x 8mm screws

I ordered the parts on eBay (

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