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$Revision: 1.1 $

InterNetNews uses the "three-arg" version of syslog.  That version is
standard with many systems (4.3BSD, SunOS4.x, etc).  Some vendors have
not yet upgraded, however.  The principal difference between the two
versions is that the current syslog divides reports up into "facilities."
For example, news reports can be filed separately from mail or login

If your system is running the older version of syslog, you should complain
to your vendor.  I also encourage you to bring up the syslog that is included
in this directory and replace what is running on your system.  The sources
are from the freely-redistributable BSD sources, and the syslog.conf file
matches the old actions pretty closely.

If you can't replace the syslog on your machine, you can run two syslog
daemons for awhile.  Edit syslog.c and syslogd.c so that
    #define _PATH_LOGNAME "/dev/log"
points to something like "/dev/newsyslog".  In syslogd.c you should also
do the following
this will prevent the new syslog daemon from listening on the Internet
port (the old syslog daemon is presumably doing that).  You should also do
	#undef _PATH_KLOG
which will tell the daemon to not try to read Unix kernel log messages.
    #define _PATH_LOGCONF "/etc/syslog.conf"
    #define _PATH_LOGPID "/etc/syslog.pid"
to something like "/etc/newsyslog.conf" and "/etc/newsyslog.pid"

Finally, install the new syslogd and make sure that it is started at
system boot time.

Good luck.  I haven't tried this -- I replaced the daemon on my machines --
but it should work without too many problems.

On machines without Unix-domain sockets you can just add this line to
the top of syslog.c:
	#define INET_SYSLOG
and add syslog to the INN library as exlained in the installation manual.
	/rich $alz