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PowerDNS is copyright 2012 by PowerDNS.COM BV & lots of contributors
This file may lag behind at times. For most recent updates, always check and
Another good place to look for information is:
To file bugs, head towards:
but first check existing ones:
PowerDNS 3.0 and beyond depend on Lua and Boost. To get these libraries,
install the relevant packages. On Debian and Ubunty, try:
# apt-get install g++ libboost-program-options-dev
libboost-serialization-dev libpqclient-dev libmysqlclient-dev
libsqlite3-dev libpq-dev
To compile a very clean version, use:
$ ./configure --with-modules=""
$ make
# make install
This generates a PowerDNS binary with no modules, except the bind backend,
built in, and the pipe-backend available for runtime loading.
When ./configure is run without --with-modules, the gmysql module is
built-in by default and the pipe-backend is compiled for runtime loading.
To add multiple modules, try:
$ ./configure --with-modules="gmysql gpgsql"
See for more details.
Please don't use the 'mysql' backend, it is deprecated. Use the 'gmysql'
If you need code from SVN read HACKING
You need gcc 3.x, preferably 3.2! The 'Sunpro' compiler is currently not
supported (patches are welcome if not too intrusive).
If you encounter problems with the Solaris make, gmake is advised
IPv6 is broken in Solaris 2.7, use 2.8 or higher for that. PowerDNS on
Solaris 2.7 won't even serve AAAA records.
gcc 2.95.x works. You need to compile using gmake - regular make only
appears to work, but doesn't in fact. Use gmake, not make.
pipebackend does not work due to bad interaction between fork and pthreads.
Amazingly, running the Linux version under the linuxulator DOES work!
None really.
Needs Visual C++
After compiling, you may find the file 'pdns/pdns' helpful, we suggest you
place it in /etc/init.d/ or your operating system's equivalent.