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### This is now deprecated. Please see the RCS log for ssmtp.c etc for ###
### upto date change information ###
Thu Feb 24 09:19:51 EST 2000 Hugo Haas
- Fixed stripFromLine() which was generating wrong From: line (Debian bug
Sun Feb 20 22:35:36 EST 2000 Hugo Haas
- stripFromLine() now supports addresses like " (Hugo Haas)"
Sat Feb 5 15:07:47 EST 2000 Hugo Haas
- Applied patch from Tony Finch <> for Sendmail's -f
- Added a WARNING file.
Sun Jan 16 13:47:46 EST 2000 Hugo Haas
- Applied patch by Michael Luxton <> adding per-user
mailhub specification to reverse alias feature
Sun Dec 5 14:19:57 EST 1999 Hugo Haas
- Applied patch by Andreas Trottmann <>
preventing buffer overflows.
August 1999 Grant Edwards
- Added support for plaintext (base64) login authorization
options -au Username -ap Password will cause ssmtp to attempt
to login to the ESMTP server. Only tested w/ MS-Exchange server.
June 1999 Hugo Haas
- Added parseaddr correctly parsing RFC822 addresses, written by Miquel
van Smoorenburg <> (Debian Bug #38795).
March 1999 Hugo Haas
- Added patch by Joel Rosdahl <> adding FromLineOverride
January 1999 Hugo Haas
- Corrected (again) options parsing mechanism: -R option is now ignored
October 1998 Hugo Haas
- Corrected option parsing mechanism
- Added support for the '-f', '-F' and '-r' options
June 1998 Hugo Haas
- Using macros for the configuration and reverse aliases files
June 1998 Hugo Haas
- Cleanup of the source
- Options can now be specified using a single block (Debian Bug#22691)
- Wrote stripFromLine() options
April 1998 Hugo Haas
- Made 'Root' option work (Debian Bug#21335)
- Handled the case when the user has no name (do not send "(null)")
April 1998 Hugo Haas
- Now ignoring -R keyword, -N dsn stuff
April 1998 Hugo Haas
- Removed awful getDate() method; replaced by get_arpadate()
April 1998 Hugo Haas
- Removed quote in the From: line
March 1998 Hugo Haas
- Moved the configuration files to /etc/ssmtp
March 1998 Hugo Haas
- No more adding "To: postmaster" (qmail and sendmail do this)
- Improved "-f", "-F" and "-r" options
January 1998 Hugo Haas
- Changed the configuration parsing (Debian Bug#17470)
- Changed the logging: verbosity reduced
January 1998 Hugo Haas
- Changed the header parsing because it gobbled pseudo-header lines
(Debian Bug#17240)
- Changed the RewriteDomain option
December 1997 Hugo Haas
- Changed the MAIL FROM command to be RFC821 compliant (Debian Bug#15690)
- Modified the recordReciepient function: no memory was allocated for
the last recipient
- Added the sending of the recorded recipients (Debian Bug#15690)
The old way to do it was wrong. (Removed the argv=reciepients stuff)
November 1997 Hugo Haas
- Changed the RCPT stuff which was wrong for arguments with "<>"
October 1997 Hugo Haas
- Added the reverse aliases process for the From: field
- Send the required headers at the beginning
- Send only one recipient at a time
- Changed the header parsing to avoid a bug due to mailx
September 1997 Christoph Lameter
- Fixed up to use more modern C (attempt to fix problems)
- Fixed scores of bugs (I doubt it ever worked before)
- Made it work under Debian/Linux
- Add support for -t option. Limit header to 4K.