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we accidentally imagine

a book of mutable poetry

This is the complete source code for the website When readers visit the site, stochastic processes render a unique version of its 32 poems and deliver them in a single-page website. Users are able to get permalinks to versions of the book using a random seed that can be stored in a URL. CSS media queries are used to automatically optimize the layout and design for printing so that users are free to easily print the book directly from their browsers.

The code in this repository is configured to run locally using the Django development server -- only trivial deployment-related differences exist between the code here and that running live on the website.

Set up

Running this site locally requires Python, Django, and blur. While this has only been tested extensively in Python 3.5, it should work just as well on earlier versions of Python with little to no modification.

Start by cloning this repository to your local machine either using git or downloading and unpacking a zip of the repository.

If you have Python installed, you can set up the other dependencies automatically using pip from your system's command line:

$ cd /path/to/weaccidentallyimagine
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Once the dependencies are installed, running the server locally is as easy as:

$ cd /path/to/weaccidentallyimagine/weaccidentallyimagine
$ python runserver

If all goes correctly, you will see a notification that the development server has started (likely at port 8000). You can now go to your browser and view the site at localhost:8000 (or whatever port the terminal message indicates)

Project Overview

├── main
│   ├──
│   ├── engine
│   │   ├──
│   │   ├──
│   │   ├──
│   │   ├──
│   │   ├──
│   │   └── texts
│   │       └── ...txt
│   ├── static
│   │   └── main
│   │       └── css
│   │           └── main.css
│   ├── templates
│   │   └── main
│   │       └── poem_page.html
│   └──

The weaccidentallyimagine folder mostly consists of Django boilerplate. Of note, handles routing both to the main page as well as the main page with fixed random seeds baked into the URL, acting as a sort of permalink to a specific version of the book.

Inside main/ we find a little more boilerplate in, followed by the real content. holds the main request handler for the site, passing a random seed (or a fixed one if present in the URL) to the global pseudorandom state of the standard Python random module. (Since blur exclusively uses the standard random module for its random number generation, this is enough to guarantee reproducible outcome if a fixed seed is passed.) The HTML template is then loaded, and the collection of poem objects is initialized and randomly ordered. The template is then rendered with the initialized contents and passed to an HttpResponse.

The main/templates/ directory contains just one template, poem_page.html, which facilitates spinning the poems together into a single large page, as well as containing an info modal and some light javascript to handle it and force correct browser handling of links.

main/static/ contains again just one file, main.css, which holds all of the CSS for the site, including media queries for responsive layouts and optimized printing.

main/engine/ contains the mechanisms for the poems.

main/engine/texts/ holds all of the source texts for the 32 poems. These texts are sometimes used to generate Markov models which drive the text generation for each poem, and sometimes they appear verbatim in the output.

main/engine/ contains utilities for manipulating special markups in the source texts used when rendering the poems to HTML.

main/engine/ holds configuration data for each poem which defines the persistent stochastic behavior of each poem. Much of the data in the list of poems here was actually generated with the script, which takes basic classes of poems outlined in and randomly applies certain parameters to dictate persistent behavior in each poem. Try running $ python to make a whole new set of behaviors for the book!

main/engine/ contains the SoftPoem class, which is an elaborate subclass of the SoftObject class from the blur package. Instances of this class represent the poems in the book and contain several parameters which determine the poem's stochastic behavior. The SoftPoem.get() method spins the poem together, processes specialized markups in the source texts, and renders the poem as HTML ready to be plugged into the master template by the main view.


a collection of generative poems hosted as a webapp







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