An example of a base application for Yaf framework
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A base application for Yaf framework

Yaf framework documentation can be found at


  • Yaf php extension. Download and install from Pecl
  • PHP 5.3+
  • Mysql server
  • Apache, Nginx or Lighttpd web server.
  • mod_rewrite and .htaccess enabled for Apache web server.


  • Info about setting up a server for Yaf can be found here
  • Rename config/application.ini.default to config/application.ini
  • If you have PHP 5.4 you can use the internal web server to test the project.
  • cd yaf_base_application/public
  • php -S localhost:8000
  • This project uses PHP 5.3 namespaces so yaf.use_namespace should be turned on.


  • A simple ORM database layer lib/Orm. Yaf Models extend lib/Orm/Entity class. (More documentation soon at wiki)
  • Validation library lib/Validations from another project of mine for validating classes.
  • A Layout class that allows to render views inside a base html layout lib/Layout.php. Layouts directory can be defined in application.ini
  • A Logger class lib/Logger.php and a LoggerPlugin to log info about requests and database queries. (Make sure that log directory is readable.)
  • A custom Request class lib/Request.php that extends Yaf\Request\Http and offers input filter for request params, posts and queries.
  • A Paginator lib/Paginator forked from Laravel framework and adjust it to work with lib/Orm
  • An Authenticity token plugin AuthTokenPluginto prevent Cross-site request forgery (csrf). Can be turned on/off from application.ini
  • A base ApplicationController which adds some base functionality like 404 not found page.
  • A RestfullController to make easy crud (create, read, update, delete) actions.
  • An ErrorController to catch all exceptions and display a page with error info and bugtrace.
  • Custom error_handler to catch errors and throws Exceptions.
  • Custom _init.php file for modules for extra configuration.
  • Some base helper classes lib/Helper