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This directory is intentionally empty to save space. You can put datasets here.

More Detailed Explanation

This directory is intended to contain datasets that the scripts will access, however they are intentionally not included in the git repo to save space. You may safely leave datasets in here and the .gitignore file will ensure that they are not included in git commits.


Here are some datasets you can download to populate this directory. If any are missing or have broken links, please create an issue on GitHub or contact me via one of the various channels listed at


A complete synthetic dataset of boxes. Download


Foreground and background images for the Weed Detector case study I did. Download

Test Images and Videos for the Weed Detector. Download

Note: The full dataset I created was several gigabytes of 1024x1024 images so I'm not including it here. You can use this git repo to generate your own. For reference, it contained 10k training images and 1k validation images.

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