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A mission generator for Eagle Dynamics' DCS World flight simulator.
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Headquarters for DCS World

This is the source code repository. If you're not interested in the source code and just want to download HQ4DCS, please visit the project page.

What is Headquarters for DCS World?

Headquarters for DCS World (HQ4DCS) is a massively improved version of DCS World's own fast mission generator. HQ4DCS allows you to create complete scenarios in just a few clicks. Missions generated with HQ4DCS tend to be rather "player-centric". Their purpose is not to simulate a real war theater, like Falcon 4's dynamic campaign, but to provide the player(s) with interesting objectives and challenges. This approach is a perfect fit for DCS World's limited number of units and very capable scripting engine.


Open Beta 2 is still a work in progress and contains several (potentially breaking) bugs. Until a somewhat stable release of OB2 is available, the old, unsupported version of HQ4DCS is available on the project page.

Project directories overview

  • Docs: Source HTML to the project website. What you see when you visit the project page.
  • Include: Lua scripts, sound and images to be included in the output .miz files.
  • Library: A series of .ini files used to define everything, from the available units to the various mission types.
  • Logs: Directory where various HQ4DCS logs are stored. Useful for debbuging if something goes wrong.
  • Source: C# source code.
  • Templates: Default directory for saved mission templates.
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