PCB for the AG203-63G wideband LNA (0-6GHz)
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Wideband LNA AG203-63G

The Qorvo AG203-63G [1] is a cheap amplifier with (quite) low noise and very high bandwidth. The noise figure is roughly 3 dB, gain is around 20 dB and it works from DC to 6 GHz. It does not reuqire external matching, thus the schematic is very simple.

The PCB has a height of 0.6 mm, which is crucial (at least at higher frequencies) and it was ordered in China [2]. The populated PCB was soldered into a tinplate filter housing FG1 of size 37x20x20 mm [3]. To get the DC voltage into the housing a 1000 pF feed through capacitor DF 38 [4] was used.

The fully build amplifier has been characterized using an DG8SAQ VNA [5]. The input return loss is ca. 15 dB for 70 cm band (433 MHz) and ca. 21 dB for 2 m band (145 MHz). The data of the measurement can be found in the measurements folder. When you want to operate the LNA at a higher frequency, you should replace the coupling capacitors C1 and C3 and the feed inductor L1 with smaller values. See the datasheet [1] for details.


PCB from China Finished LNA in the tinplated housing S-Parameter measurement


[1] https://www.qorvo.com/products/p/AG203-63G
[2] http://www.elecrow.com
[3] http://www.schubert-gehaeuse.de/prod01.htm
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[5] https://www.sdr-kits.net/introducing-DG8SAQ-VNWA3