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Commits on May 22, 2012
  1. [2/2] #18343 -- deferred model pk handling in inheritance case

    Assuming an inherited model with parent_ptr_id -> id, doing a deferred
    load and then fetching the id field would cause a database query, even
    if the id field's value is already loaded in the parent_ptr_id field.
  2. [1/2] #18343 -- Cleaned up deferred model implementation

    Generic cleanup and dead code removal in deferred model field loading
    and model.__reduce__().
  3. Fixed #18304 -- Optimized save() when update_can_self_select=False

    Databases with update_can_self_select = False (MySQL for example)
    generated non-necessary queries when saving a multitable inherited
    model, and when the save resulted in update.
  4. @claudep
  5. @claudep

    Fixed #18167 -- Gave advice on checking Django version in the tutorial.

    claudep authored
    Thanks smuss for the initial patch.
  6. @claudep
  7. @claudep

    Fixed #18113 -- Corrected get_template_names docstrings.

    claudep authored
    Thanks Keryn Knight for the report.
Commits on May 21, 2012
  1. @carljm

    Fixed #18115 - added warning about overlaid install.

    carljm authored now warns if it detects that Django is being installed over top
    of a previous installation that was never removed. This should only
    happen when installing with ``python install``, as pip
    automatically uninstalls before installing a new version and
    easy_install installs as an egg directory.
    Also generally updated the installation doc.
Commits on May 20, 2012
  1. @jezdez

    Regenerated the minified versions of the admin actions and admin inli…

    jezdez authored
    …nes JavaScript files forgotten in 04785d2 and f92c7c5 (and previous).
  2. @aaugustin

    Fixed #18354 -- Performance issue in CBV.

    aaugustin authored
    Prevented repeating a query twice when the model isn't ordered by
    -date_field (in Meta), allow_empty is False and pagination isn't
  3. @aaugustin
Commits on May 19, 2012
  1. @claudep

    Imported reduce from functools for forward compatibility.

    claudep authored
    In Python 3, reduce has to be imported from functools.
  2. @aaugustin

    Followed a best practice in the time zones docs.

    aaugustin authored
    Prevented localize from swallowing non existent or ambiguous
  3. @claudep

    Marked bytestrings with b prefix. Refs #18269

    claudep authored
    This is a preparation for unicode literals general usage in
    Django (Python 3 compatibility).
  4. @claudep
  5. @claudep
  6. @claudep

    Fixed #18340 -- Fixed formtools form_hmac with Unicode input

    claudep authored
    Using cPickle, two apparently identical Unicode strings could
    generate different pickled results depending on previous operations
    on those strings.
  7. Merge pull request #81 from glenrobertson/patch-1

    Fixed doc typo on GeoQuerySet.geohash method.
Commits on May 18, 2012
  1. @glenrobertson
  2. @adrianholovaty

    Merge pull request #24 from marcneuwirth/master

    adrianholovaty authored
    Removed 'return false' in favor of preventDefault in admin JS.
  3. @adrianholovaty

    Merge pull request #68 from BooBSD/patch-1

    adrianholovaty authored
    Fixed e-mail duplicates in the AUTHORS.
  4. @adrianholovaty

    Merge pull request #70 from tswicegood/fix-js-scope

    adrianholovaty authored
    Cleaned up various JavaScript in admin JS.
  5. @adrianholovaty

    Merge pull request #79 from stratoukos/master

    adrianholovaty authored
    Removed mention of from cbv topic
  6. @claudep

    Cleaned up WSGIRequestHandler get_environ to be Python 3 compatible

    claudep authored
    headers.type/typeheader attributes are gone in Python 3. Thanks
    Vinay Sajip for the inspiration of his Python 3 branch.
  7. @claudep
  8. @claudep

    Got rid of old __cmp__methods replaced by rich comparison.

    claudep authored
    The __cmp__ methods are unsupported in Python 3. has been left untouched because it is likely it will
    not be migrated to Python 3.
  9. @claudep
  10. remove mention of from cbv topic

    Stratos Moros authored
    The class based views topic mentions that the weblog
    is built using the date-based generic views, but looking at the code,
    it actually uses the deprecated pre-1.3 function based generic views.
  11. @claudep

    Fixed #18334 -- Fixed detection of supports_stddev backend feature.

    claudep authored
    Thanks to Michael Manfre for the report and Anssi Kääriäinen for the
Commits on May 17, 2012
  1. @SmileyChris

    Small change to a template in the FormWizard docs

    SmileyChris authored
    Specifically, the template was referred to as a "full example template"
    but didn't {% load i18n %} even though {% trans %} was used.
  2. @jcowgar
  3. @aaugustin
  4. @aaugustin
  5. @aaugustin

    Fixed #18323 -- Refactored date arithmetic

    aaugustin authored
    in date based generic views, in order to deal properly with both
    DateFields and DateTimeFields.
  6. @aaugustin

    Fixed #9893 -- Validated the length of file names

    aaugustin authored
    after the full file name is generated by the storage class.
    Thanks Refefer for the report, carsongee for the patch, and
    everyone else involved in the discussion.
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