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LED Candle Firmware & CAD files

Firmware and CAD filesfor the Akafugu Flickering LED Candle

The Akafugu LED Candle is an artificial candle that imitates the flickering of a real candle. Use it in place of a real tea candle: It will fit inside a tea candle casing or any holder made for tea candles.

It comes as a kit of easy to solder components, and is suitable for beginners to soldering.


  • Randomly flickering LED: Imitates a candle
  • Fits inside a tea candle casing
  • Open Source Firmware (available at GitHub)
  • Open Source Hardware: Eagle PCB design files available at GitHub.
  • On-board ISP header for upgrading firmware


The Akafugu LED Candle uses an ATTiny13A microcontroller. The firmware is written for the avr-gcc compiler.

See here for avr-gcc installation instructions.

Plug in ISP programmer into the ISP header, and in the directory 'firmware', do:

make fuse flash

An alternative firmware is available in the directory firmware_pwm, courtesy of madworm. This firmware features a very different and slower flickering style.