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ATTiny13/DS18B20-based thermometer using a uA meter.
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uA Thermometer

A simple project for an ATTiny13 microcontroller that implements an "analog" thermometer using a microampere meter.

It uses PWM to set the level on the meter. It is calibrated for the meter I had at hand, which goes from 0 to 50. Recalibration may be required for your meter.


ATTiny13 microcontroller DS18B20 1-wire thermometer 4.7k pullup for DS18B20 100k resistor for uA meter 2x3-pin ISP header for programming


Schematic for EAGLE PCB is in schematic.sch.

Connect ATTiny pin 8 to 5V, pin 4 to GND. Connect DS18B20 middle leg to pin 2 (PB3), and the 4.7k resistor (the other end goes to 5V) Connect DS18B20 5V and GND Connect a 100k resistor to pin 5 (PB0). The other end connects to the live (red) wire on the uA-meter Finally, connect the ground wire on the uA-meter to GND


The most complex part of the firmware is the code to read the onewire temperature sensor. There is a good avr-gcc library at

Problem is, the ATTiny13 has only 1k of flash memory, and the full onewire library is too big to use. The library written by Peter Dannegger is based on onewire code by Peter Fleury. Using an earlier version of the code, I was able to trim it down so that it would fit on the ATTiny13, and still give correct temperature readings. The original code had no copyright notice, so I put in the one from the library.

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