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Build hugo extended on Cloud Build and create a CI to deploy on Firebase Hosting
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Deploy on Cloud-Build with Hugo-Extended and build a CI that deploys the product to Firebase-Hosting.


GoogleCloudPlatform/cloud-builders-community Create Hugo-Extended buildable image based on Docker image published in repository.

There is no problem with the original Docker image under normal circumstances, but if you want to use a theme that uses SASS / SCSS, an error will occur during build execution.

Create a Docker image that uses Hugo-Extended so that you can build without problems even with themes that use SASS / SCSS.

Therefore, the content of "hugo / Dockerfile" is customized for Hugo-Extended.

At the same time, it stores "cloudbuild.yaml" that describes the CI processing sample to be run by Cloud-Build.


  1. Google Cloud SDK is installed on the device to work.
  2. GCP is available
    • Firebase Hosting Available
  3. I have created a private repository on GitHub to manage the Hugo content I want to build.


  1. Container creation used by Cloud Build

    $ cd ./firebase
    $ gcloud builds submit --config cloudbuild.yaml .
    $ cd ../hugo
    $ gcloud builds submit --config cloudbuild.yaml .
  2. Create a token for Firebase Hosting

    $ firebase login:ci
    Visit this URL on any device to log in: ...(and more)...
    Waiting for authentication...
    +  Success! Use this token to login on a CI server:
    1/******************* ⇐ (token)
    Example: firebase deploy --token "$FIREBASE_TOKEN"
  3. See this page to encrypt tokens for Firebase Hosting.

  4. Create a trigger that fires when the repository that manages Hugo content is updated in the Cloud Build administration screen.

    • Specify "cloudbuild.yaml" in the Cloud Build configuration file.
  5. Put "cloudbuild.yaml" in Hugo content and reflect it remotely.

    • For the contents of "cloudbuild.yaml", refer to the ones stored in this repository.
    • Remarks:
      • "Cloudbuild.yaml" registered in the repository is a pattern in which theme files are managed in another private repository separately from the repository that manages Hugo content.
      • Therefore, the secret key for accessing the repository that manages the theme is encrypted and placed in the repository that manages Hugo content.
      • If you use the theme of the public repository, or manage the theme in the same repository, please modify as appropriate according to the use case.


This source code is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in Here.


  • Creation of Original: GoogleCloudPlatform
    • Modified file: hugo/Dockerfile
  • File created by me: ./cloudbuild.yaml
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