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#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "KeywordMapping.h"
extern const NSString* KeywordMapperMappingsDidChangeNotification;
@interface KeywordMapper : NSObject {
NSMutableArray* mappings;
NSMutableDictionary* cache;
- (id) init;
- (KeywordMapping*) mappingForKeyword: (NSString*) keyword;
- (NSString*) mapKeywordInput: (NSString*) input;
- (NSString*) mapKeywordInput: (NSString*) input withDefault: (BOOL) withDefault;
- (void) reloadMappings;
- (void) loadMappingsFromFile: (NSString*) path;
- (void) saveMappings;
- (void) saveMappingsToFile: (NSString*) path;
- (void) addKeyword: (KeywordMapping*) mapping;
- (void) addKeyword: (NSString*) keyword expansion: (NSString*) expansion;
- (void) addKeyword: (NSString*) keyword expansion: (NSString*) expansion
dontUseUnicode: (BOOL) theDontUseUnicode
encodeSpaces: (BOOL) theEncodeSpaces;
- (void) removeKeyword: (NSString*) keyword;
- (NSArray*) mappings;
- (void) modified;
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