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Jaki środek transportu?

Powered by AKAI


Make sure you have parcel installed

npm install -g parcel-bundler


Clone this repo with

git clone

Go to project directory

cd jaki-srodek-transportu

Install all packages

npm install

Start development server

npm start


Project is deployed automatically with each commit to master You can access the website at

Git flow

Each issue has to go through steps below:

  1. Create a separate brach from master and call it following this pattern 00-issue name (for instance for issue #3 name of the branch should be: 03-search-results-component)
  2. Code, checking if all criteria from the issue are met.
  3. Test locally.
  4. Create a pull request from your branch to master.
  5. Wait for at least one approval (either from @tomaszgil or @pietersweter)
  6. Merge pull request and test your feature on netlify instance.
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