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Metadata-Version: 1.0
Name: WTForm
Version: 1.0
Summary: WTForm is an extension to the django newforms library.
Home-page: UNKNOWN
Author: Christian Joergensen
Description: WTForm is an extension to the django newforms library allowing the developer, in a very flexible way, to layout the form fields using fieldsets and columns
Keywords: django newforms forms yui
Platform: UNKNOWN
Classifier: Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
Classifier: License :: Freely Distributable
Classifier: Framework :: Django
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Developers
Classifier: Operating System :: OS Independent
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python
Classifier: Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content :: CGI Tools/Libraries
Classifier: Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules
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