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Commits on Feb 11, 2009

    Christian Joergensen committed with akaihola Mar 3, 2008

    Christian Joergensen committed with akaihola Aug 5, 2007
    jmohr (on May 25, 2007):
        Thank you, this is very nice! However, it doesn't seem to work
        with form_for_model or form_for_instance... the resulting class
        doesn't have any goodies in it:
            >>> ArticleForm = forms.form_for_model(Article,form=WTForm)
            >>> f = ArticleForm()
            >>> f.as_div()
            >>> f.fields.keys()
            >>> ArticleForm = forms.form_for_model(Article)
            >>> f = ArticleForm()
            >>> f.fields.keys()
            ['title', 'slug', 'author', 'intro', 'body', 'tag_list', 'published']
    chrj (on August 5, 2007):
        jmohr, your issue has now been resolved. The WTForm class now
        descends directly form BaseForm and that solved the problem.
        Thank you.

    Christian Joergensen committed with akaihola May 3, 2007
    WTForm is an extension to the django newforms library allowing the developer, in a very flexible way, to layout the form fields using fieldsets and columns
    WTForm was built with the well-documented YUI Grid CSS in mind when rendering the columns and fields. This should make it easy to implement WTForm in your own applications.