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efficient in-memory storage

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Tarantool is a framework for in-memory key/value storage and
Box is a yet another in-memory key-value database.

Key features of the pair include:
 * log streaming replication
 * hot standby
 * a simple binary protocol, as well as emulation of memcached
 * extensibility and speed

 * currently supported platforms are only Linux/x86 and
 * gcc is the only supported compiler.


Tarantool uses CMake for configuration management.
3 standard CMake build types are supported:
 * Debug -- used by project maintainers
 * RelWithDebugInfo -- the most common release configuration,
 also provides debugging capabilities
 * Release -- use only if the highest performance is required

Please follow these steps to compile Tarantool:

tarantool $ cmake .
tarantool $ make

'make' will create tarantool_box executable in directory

There is no 'make install' goal, but no installation
is required either.
Tarantool regression testing framework (test/ is the
simplest way to setup and start the server, but it requires a few
additional Python modules:
 * daemon
 * pyyaml
 * pexpect.

Once all pre-requisites are installed, try:

tarantool $ cd test && ./ --start-and-exit

This will create a 'var' subdirectory in directory 'test',
populate it with necessary files used by the server, and
start the server. To connect, you could use
a simplistic command-line client:

tarantool $ ./test/tarantool

Alternatively, if a customized server configuration is required,
you could follow these steps:

tarantool $ emacs cfg/tarantool_box_cfg.cfg # edit the configuration
# Initialize the storage directory, path to this directory
# is specified in the configuration file:
tarantool $ mod/box/tarantool_box --config cfg/tarantool_box_cfg.cfg --init-storage
# run
tarantool $ mod/box/tarantool_box --config cfg/tarantool_box_cfg.cfg

Please report bugs at
We also warmly welcome your feedback in the discussion mailing
list,, however, please be
warned: Launchpad silently deletes posts from non-subscribed
members, thus please be sure to have subscribed to the list prior
to posting.

Thank you for your interest in Tarantool!
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