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Class shows graphycal year statistics for Ingress from CSV file
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Class shows graphycal year statistics for Ingress from CSV file See demo:


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First you must create CSV file from Ingress data (You can create Excel and after export in CSV). Look at file example.csv

CSV format is very simple: each cycle in each line: CYCLE_NAME,ENL_MU(k),RES_MU(k),ENL_TOP_PLAYER,RES_TOP_PLAYER

Small example: 2014.03,59.4,16.2,LONGMAN [L14],bizarre [L10]

If no data about any player you can left empty: 2014.03,59.4,16.2,,bizarre [L10]

If MUs is under 1k you must specify amount with decimals under 1: 2014.03,0.1,16.2,LONGMAN [L14],bizarre [L10]

	// include lib file

	try {

		// Possible parameters
		// year - Statistics year for titles
		// cell - Cell code
		// cellname - Human readable cell name
		// analytics - Google analytics id (if you want track page views)

		// chart_options - Chart Options:
		//			 animation.duration - Duration in milliseconds (default is 1500)
		//			 animation.easing - Easing (default is 'swing'. More easings you can see at
		$chart_options = array('animation.duration'=>1500, 'animation.easing'=>'easeOutBounce');

		// initialize class with custom parameters
		$ingress = new Ingress(array('year'=>2014, 'cell'=>'NR02-BRAVO-02', 'cellname'=>'Tbilisi - Georgia'));

		// load csv file

		// render generated HTML
	catch(Exception $e) {


Add other languages

Pull requests are welcome.


If you like living on the edge, please report any bugs you find on the php-ingress-statistics issues page.

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