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Drupal module that pushes site errors to Airbrake automatically. Alpha-quality code at best right now.
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Airbrake for Drupal

Copyright 2012 Adam Kalsey

Implements Airbrake error reporting for Drupal. Sends reports to Airbrake for PHP Exceptions from any module and watchdog entries of your choice of severities (defaults to ERROR and above).



Place the src folder from the php-airbrake library in sites/all/libraries/airbrake or sites/<your-site>/libraries/airbrake. If you don't already have a libraries folder, create it inside your sites/all directory. You should end up with a directory structure that looks like sites/<your-directory>/libraries/airbrake/src/Airbrake with a bunch of files in the Airbrake directory.

You can see if the library is installed correctly by visiting your Status Report in the Drupal admin console (?q=admin/reports/status). The module will only report errors (why clutter the status page with lots of "yes, it works" messages?), so if you have Airbrake enabled and don't see the word "Airbrake on that page, you're good to go.

Go to and set your API key. You can also name you Drupal environment and Airbrake will group your errors together to prevent errors from your local dev environment from polluting your production logging.

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