A Drupal module for voting in polls over the phone.
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This is a Drupal module that provides phone access to Drupal polls. Using this module and Tropo people can vote in polls via calls or SMS.

This is an early release. Setup is a little manual right now, but will improve shortly.


Copy this directory to your prefered module directory. If you don't have a prefered location, sites/all/modules is always a good choice. Enable this module in admin/build/modules

If there's no tropo-webapi-php directory inside this module directory, download it from http://github.com/tropo/tropo-webapi-php and place it inside this directory.

Enable the poll module if you haven't already. Create a poll. Note the node ID of the poll. You'll need that for the next step.

Create a Tropo account at http://tropo.com/ and create a WebAPI application. For the URL of your application, enter http://yoursite.example.com/phonepoll/poll/NODE-ID (replacing NODE-ID with the node ID of your poll)

Add a phone number -- Tropo has numbers throughout the US and in 41 countries.

Call or SMS your new number and vote.

Planned enhancements

Panned enhancements include...

  • more customization of the dialogs
  • Allow phone calls out
  • Improve Job queue support to better handle SMS throttles
  • One-click setup of the Tropo app
  • Multi-tenancy. Allow token and number to be set on per-poll basis