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project for paper "Learning 3D Human Dynamics from Video"
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Learning 3D Human Dynamics from Video

Angjoo Kanazawa*, Jason Zhang*, Panna Felsen*, Jitendra Malik

University of California, Berkeley (* Equal contribution)

Project Page

Teaser Image


There is currently no CPU-only support.


Setup virtualenv

virtualenv venv_hmmr -p python3
source venv_hmmr/bin/activate
pip install -U pip
pip install numpy  # Some of the required packages need numpy to already be installed.
source venv_hmmr/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Install External Dependencies.

Neural Mesh Renderer and AlphaPose for rendering results:

cd src/external

The above script also clones my fork of AlphaPose/PoseFlow, which is necessary to run the demo to extract tracks of people in videos. Please follow the directions in the installation, in particular running pip install -r requirements.txt from src/external/AlphaPose and downloading the trained models.

If you have a pre-installed version of AlphaPose, symlink the directory in src/external. The only change that my fork has is a very minor modification in AlphaPose/pytorch branch's see this commit, copy over the changes in


  1. Download the pre-trained models. Place the models folder as a top-level directory.
wget && tar -xf hmmr_models.tar.gz
  1. Download the demo_data videos. Place the demo_data folder as a top-level directory.
wget && tar -xf hmmr_demo_data.tar.gz
  1. Run the demo. This code runs AlphaPose/PoseFlow for you. Please make sure AlphaPose can be run on a directory of images if you are having any issues.

Sample usage:

# Run on a single video:
python -m demo_video --vid_path demo_data/penn_action-2278.mp4

# If there are multiple people in the video, you can also pass a track index:
python -m demo_video --track_id 1 --vid_path demo_data/insta_variety-tabletennis_43078913_895055920883203_6720141320083472384_n_short.mp4

# Run on an entire directory of videos:
python -m demo_video --vid_dir demo_data/

This will make a directory demo_output/<video_name>, where intermediate tracking results and our results are saved as video, as well as a pkl file. Alternatively you can specify the output directory as well. See

Training code

Coming soon.



Insta-Variety Teaser

We provided the raw list of videos used for InstaVariety, as well as the pre-processed files in tfrecords. Please see doc/ for more details..


If you use this code for your research, please consider citing:

  title={Learning 3D Human Dynamics from Video},
  author = {Angjoo Kanazawa and Jason Y. Zhang and Panna Felsen and Jitendra Malik},
  booktitle={Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
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