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Akanda L3+ Network Virtualization
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Akanda is the only open source network virtualization solution built by OpenStack operators for real OpenStack clouds. Originally developed by DreamHost for their OpenStack-based public cloud, DreamCompute, Akanda eliminates the need for complex SDN controllers, overlays, and multiple plugins by providing a simple integrated networking stack (routing, firewall, and load balancing via a virtual software router) for connecting and securing multi-tenant OpenStack environments.



The code for the Akanda project lives in several separate repositories to ease packaging and management:

  • Akanda Rug – Orchestration service for managing the creation, configuration, and health of Akanda Software Routers in an OpenStack cloud.

  • Akanda Appliance – Supporting software for the Akanda Software Router appliance, which is a Linux-based service VM that provides routing and L3+ services in a virtualized network environment. This includes a REST API for managing the appliance via the Akanda Rug orchestration service.

  • Akanda Neutron –  Ancillary subclasses of several OpenStack Neutron plugins and supporting code.

  • Akanda Nova – Extensions to OpenStack Nova supporting the creation and management of Akanda Software Router appliances.

As such, this repository focuses on project overview and documentation.

The Name

Project names are a powerful tool because they can be used to bond teams, communicate effectively and convey the end goal. Like many projects, we considered many names until a member of our team sought out to find a word appropriate for an open project. This word enables us to say something more clearly and with a bevy of excellent synonyms by using the Sanskrit word अखण्ड (akhaNDa) which has such lovely connotations as "non-stop, "undivided, "entire," "whole," and most importantly, "not broken."

Get Involved

Additional details and documentation on Akanda can be found at and

Most Akanda interaction is done via the #akanda channel on FreeNode IRC.

License and Copyright

Akanda is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license and is Copyright 2015, Akanda, Inc.

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