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A repo to hold all my Watershed Collab River Security story code
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A repo to hold all the code used to write the story In Ohio Watershed, Higher Water Lines And More Hazardous Cargo.

In Ohio Watershed, Higher Water Lines And More Hazardous Cargo

Over the past decade in the Ohio watershed, which encompasses 15 states from southwestern New York to the northeast corner of Mississippi, extreme weather has been cited more and more frequently as a contributing cause in serious marine accidents. At the same time, a KyCIR analysis found that shipping of hazardous materials like crude oil and kerosene are rising.

These issues have ramifications all along the Ohio River, but particularly in Louisville, home to one of the most difficult passages to navigate. As the conditions on the Ohio — and its cargo — become more hazardous, key regulatory organizations struggle to keep up with the growing demands of this water highway.

Read/listen to the story here

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